Memory's Harvest "Musical Story"

A genuine Soviet Film. Produced by Lenfilm Studios.

An early 1940's film theatre programme of a Russian movie starring Zoya Fyodorova and Sergei Lemeshev, produced by Embassy Pictures and presented by Asia Films of China. Inside page 2 a list of five forthcoming attractions.

  1. General Suverov.
  2.  Spring Song.
  3.  Ukraine in Flames.
  4.  Wait for me.
  5.  Peoples' Avengers.

One page of the programme depicts a female Russian Fighter Ace of World War 2, A forthcoming attraction "She Defends Her Country".

asia-films-of china-1
asia-films-of china-2
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"Memory's Harvest", with Sergei Lemeshev, Zoya Fyodorova and A Konovalov.


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