whole: the image occupies the majority, with the title separate and positioned in the upper quarter, in orange. The text is separate and placed in the upper left and lower left, in black. All set against a white background. image: a depiction of a RAF Vickers Wellington bomber aircraft in flight. Cut-away sections in the fuselage show the inside of the aircraft and the crew. Orange labels indicate areas of the boat where salvaged materials were used. text: SEE HOW YOUR SALVAGE HELPS A BOMBER 1 SCRAP METAL IS NEEDED FOR BOMBS, MACHINE-GUNS, CANNON AND CANNON SHELLS, AERO-ENGINES, RADIO AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS 2 WASTE PAPER BOMB WASHERS, ENGINE GASKET WASHERS, BOMB INTERIOR CONTAINERS CARTRIDGE BOXES, ENGINE DUST COVERS, CARTRIDGE WADS, RADIO INSULATION AND LAMINATED PLASTIC SHEETS, ONE TON OF PAPER JOINTING USED IN EVERY MILE CONCRETE RUNWAY 3 2 1 4 3 WASTE RUBBER LANDING WHEEL TYRES, SELF-SEALING TANK, COLLAPSIBLE RUBBER DINGHY, RADIO AND INSTRUMENT INSULATION, OXYGEN MASK, LIFE-SAVING JACKETS 4 BONES GLYCERINE FOR EXPLOSIVES Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Wm. Brown and Co., Ltd., London, E.C.3.- 51-9937. M.O.S. AND R. 75


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