Hugh Boyle R.E.

Royal Engineers WW1

Sapper 95328 176th Tunnelling Company Royal Engineers British Army Discharged on Re-enlistment under A. o I. of 1919 Army Form Z. 21.

Sapper 855048 "G" Depot Royal Engineers British Army Discharge Army Form B. 2079.

Company Quarter Master Sargeant 8612 Oglaigh Na h'Eireann (Irish Free State Army) A.F. 42. Portobello Barracks

Irish Free State Army Records

Irish Free State Army Records

03. November 2017 16:52

Hugh Boyle Company Quarter Master...

Royal Engineers Army Records

Royal Engineers Army Records

02. November 2017 16:39

Army Form B 2079, Z. 21...

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling

16. November 2017 19:13

Various Rudyard Kipling poems, some of...

War Medals

War Medals

30. December 2017 01:55


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