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Photo Metadata

Metadata Test Image This Website Hugh Boyle uses and displays IPTC Metadata
Accesible via the "Image info" or "View meta data" link.
"View meta data" when viewing the Phone or Tablet version of the site.
"Image info" when viewing the PC version of the site. 

Photo metadata is key to protecting images' copyright and licensing information online. It is also essential for managing digital assets.
Detailed and accurate descriptions about images ensure they can be easily and efficiently retrieved via search, by users or machine-readable code.
This results in smoother workflow within organizations, more precise tracking of images, and increased licensing opportunities for the Artist.

The IPTC Photo Metadata standard is the most widely used standard because of its universal acceptance among photographers, distributors, news organizations, archivists, and developers.
The schema defines metadata structure, properties, and fields, so that images are optimally described and easily accessed later.

If you viewed the Magnolia image above you probably also view it's meta data.

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