Hugh Boyle Sailor

Hugh Boyle

Sailor WW2

Hugh Boyle SailorHugh Boyle


Cavendish Class. Destroyer



Crocus Flower Class Corvette

HMS Crocus K49


Vanguard Class. Large Battleship

HMS Vanguard

Hugh Boyle Petty Officer ER
HMS Vanguard

HMS Vanguard Crew List 1947

While serving on board HMS Crocus
Easter Greeting from HMS Crocus K49
he sent an Armed Forces Postcard to his brother. It reads:

To. You kid wishing you all the best for Easter.
From. Kevin

His younger brother Jack had used his Birth Certificate at the age of 15 to join the Royal Air Force in March 1943. Consequently Hugh Boyle Sailor signed the postcard "Kevin" as he was sending the card to his younger brother. Who was now known as Hugh Boyle LAC 1796858 W/OP/GD.

He also enclosed a photograph of himself.

The rear of the photograph reads:
9-4-45 (Date 09/04/1945)
To. The overseas kid
From. His big Brother


West Africa Command served convoys shipping essential supplies to the Middle East. The passage via the Suez Canal to reach the newly formed SEAC would have been suicidal.

The route chosen would entail sailing to Freetown Sierra Leon via Gibralter, Capetown and around the Cape of Africa. Onward to Cylon, India and finally to South East Asia Command in Burma.


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