Karachi 1945 Royal Airforce 203 Squadron

Hugh Boyle Shoe Shine in Karachi

Respected his brogues - (2'34") "The shine on your shoe, says a lot about you!"

Karachi 1943 - 1947

203 Squadron Middle East Royal Airforce base Karachi North India now Pakistan


  1. (Still: 2'34") Hugh Boyle having his brogues shined on a street in Karachi?
  2. (Still: 5'48") The joker in the film seems to be disrespecting the uniform, or maybe he's only got a pin sized head.
  3. (Still: 6'22") The distinctive hat is a Slouch hat worn by British forces, including RAF personell in the Middle East and Far East theatres.
  4. (Still: 8'32") Shows a ship at anchor with the pennant number J35. HMCS Nanoose J35 was a Fundy-class minesweeper belonging to the Royal Canadian Navy. Renamed HMAS Warramunga D123 HMCS Nootka DDE 213 HMS Cockade D34 at anchor 1951 in April 1943 while still retaining the pennant number, J35. Nootka was redesigned and launched as a Tribal-class Destroyer on 26 April 1944 at Halifax Nova Scotia. She was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy on the 7th of August 1946. This would date the film anywhere round Summer 1946 and Summer 1947, given the R&R on deck during the voyage home. This was a period when many Royal Canadian Airforce personell would have been travelling home to demobilise via Halifax Nova Scotia.
  5. Frere Hall
  6. YMCA
  7. Clifton Beach

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