Watch on the Rhine

Bette Davis. Of all her triumphs this is the most wonderful.

Watch on the RhineThe screens First Lady in the role that demanded her artistry, her understanding..... A role that tells forever of the tender bravery - the gallant courage of women who love - and wait.
A film by Warner Brothers. Watch on the Rhine starring Bette Davis Paul Lukas Geraldine fitzgerald Lucille Watson Beulah Bondi George Coulouris
Directed by Hermin Shumlin

From the stage play by Lillian Hellman

Lillian Hellman was an American dramatist and screenwriter known for her success as a playwright on Broadway, as well as her left-wing sympathies and political activism.

Watch on the Rhine back On the reverse of the programme is a translation of the poster in Hindi as well as the next attraction written in english.

Next attraction. Paul Muni in "Black Fury"

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