Zoya Alekseyevna Fyodorova

Zoya Alekseyevna Fyodorova Зоя Алексеевна Федорова

asia-films-of china-1Zoya Alekseyevna Fyodorova was born 21st December 1907 was a successful Russian film star. She starred in a number of films including Musical Story also known in the west as Memorys Harvest. It starred Zoya Fyodorova and Sergei Lemeshev. Produced by Lenfilm Studios U.S.S.R. Presented by Embassy Pictures and distributed by Artkino Pictures Inc. The picture on the left is an original movie programme promoting the musical and other up and coming Soviet Films, including a depiction of a female Soviet war time hero. "She Defends Her Country". It was printed in Karachi circa. 1947

The supporting cast of Musical Story included

  • Erast Garin
  • Nikolai Konovalov
  • A. Sergeyeva
  • A. Korolkevich

In 1945 she  had an affair with United States Navy captain Jackson Tate and bore a child, Victoria Fyodorova in January 1946. Having rejected the advances of NKVD police head Lavrentiy Beria, the affair was exposed, resulting initially, in a death sentence later reprieved to work camp imprisonment in a Gulag, from which she was released after eight years. She lived in a Moscow apartment in Kutuzovsky Prospek, Avenue. She was murdered there on the 11th of December 1981. Aged 71 years. She died from a gunshot wound to her eye.

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